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August 24, 2019

The guide to real History

In the last two centuries, all wars have been machinations orchestrated by bankers pursuing two very simple objectives: profit and a world domination that bears a name: the New World Order.

Education and medias are the main culprits to blame for keeping the important role of bankers in the dark shadows of history. The genuine relevance of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Morgan and their peers is voluntarily kept hidden from public scrutiny, so that any investigator that digs in the realms of our past can easily be discredited as a «conspiracy theorist». Author Carroll Quigley once had full access to the Council on foreign relations documents and he confirmed the very real world banking conspiracy designed to dominate the world, in his book «Tragedy and hope».

Bizarrely, education and medias prefer to bring everything back to public figures and politicians like Churchill, Hitler or Stalin, but they will never tell you that these charismatic monsters had no money, nor created it. Hitler was a failed artist that built the most formidable war machine the world had seen in 6 years only, in a near-bankrupt country deprived of any oil production, so do you think he might have had some help?

The Grand Scheme

Before 1971, bank loans were based on their gold reserves, but no bank really owned the value in gold of the money it lent over the years, so the scheme wasn’t very different than today’s fractional system of money creation, in which banks have to own 1/10th of their loans. For example, if bank A has a million dollar, it can lend 10 millions to bank B, which can lend 100 millions to a country, since bank B owns 10 millions. This is basically how the world ended up owing 184 trillion dollars (184 000 000 000 000$) to private banks as of today.

If you doubt this private money creation scheme, just tell me where that money was before we owed it to them? I guess that settles it.

When a country goes to war, it borrows money from private banks that lend funds that they create out of thin air. Now, bankers will not only get back the funds that they never had, but will also charge interest on these loans. They will even change the interest rate at will, trying to hold in their laughter. Next step, countries will use this fake money to buy military equipment from industries in which international bankers are major shareholders or partners in investment. This equipment is then used to destroy as much infrastructure as possible in the countries at war, so that everything needs to be rebuilt by governments that will borrow more money from bankers, to pay construction companies partially or totally owned by bankers. This is why carpet-bombing on civilians was invented. All of these loans and interests add up to the national debt, or if you prefer, the bill that citizens have to repay through their taxes that they hand to the government with much trust on their good use.

«War is a racket», wisely said General Smedley Butler. Therefore, why would the almighty central banks that hold a permanent private power and control over countries, would kindly accept to share it with a puppet president on his 4-year journey?

But the plot thickens.

Splitting ideologies

Just when you think that you’ve discovered the ultimate manipulations that have been set on us for centuries, thorough researches will lead you even further in the abyssal depth of the conspiracy that few have talked about. Thanks to James Madison, we know that the American founding fathers had designed the bipartite electoral system as a way to confine democracy in a tiny box limiting the choice of the people between two heads of the same monster, so that a mass of poor people could only maintain an effective plutocracy with their votes. All that was left to do would be to polarize opinions, by adding different ideologies and characteristics to each party, to give the impression that your vote could really determine the future of the country, but we all know by now that it never fundamentally changed anything. Therefore, an objective analysis will quickly take over the initial astonishment of your findings, since what’s next describes more likely than not how politics really work.

We often imagine Karl Marx as a lone writer in some crummy apartment, designing his great Communist Manifesto in 1848 under a flickering candlelight to break the capitalist tyranny, in the name of the workingman. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the general plan was to divide the world and bring it to wage perpetual wars, for perpetual revenues. Guy William Carr just wasn’t anybody; he was an officer in the Canadian Secret Services and had been in charge of the whole Royal Canadian Navy. Much like Carroll Quigley, he was a real insider with access to secret plans that we’re never told. Here’s what he had to say in his 1958 praised book «Pawns in the game».

Karl Marx
Karl Marx

While Karl Marx was writing the Communist Manifesto under direction of one group of Illuminists, Professor Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University was writing the antithesis under direction of another group, so that those who direct the conspiracy at the top could use the differences in these two ideologies to start dividing larger and larger numbers of the Human Race into opposing camps, so they could be armed and then made to fight and destroy each other, together with their political and religious institutions.

It is public knowledge by now that the Rothschild family had financed both Napoleon and his British foes early 19th century, which set a most successful example for profiting from double funding. One cannot lose a war if one owns both sides of the front line! Thus, author Anthony Sutton made a lot of sense when he described the details on how Zionist bankers and Wall Streeters funded communism in «Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution», published in the mid-seventies.

This activity in behalf of the Bolsheviks originated in large part from a single address: 120 Broadway, New York City. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York was at 120 Broadway. The vehicle for this pro-Bolshevik activity was American International Corporation — at 120 Broadway. AIC views on the Bolshevik regime were requested by Secretary of State Robert Lansing only a few weeks after the revolution began, and Sands, executive secretary of AIC, could barely restrain his enthusiasm for the Bolshevik cause. Ludwig Martens, the first Soviet ambassador, had been vice president of Weinberg & Posner, which was also located at 120-Broadway. Guaranty Trust Company was next door at 140 Broadway but Guaranty Securities Co. was at 120 Broadway. John MacGregor Grant Co., which was financed by Olof Aschberg in Sweden and Guaranty Trust in the United States, and which was on the Military Intelligence black list, was at 120 Broadway. The Guggenheims and the executive heart of General Electric (also interested in American International) were at 120 Broadway. We find it therefore hardly surprising that the Bankers Club was also at 120 Broadway, on the top floor.

You get the idea. So here’s what a timely little mustached totalitarian then said in «Mein Kampf», right after WW1 and the Bolshevik Revolution:

This colossal Empire in the East is ripe for dissolution. And the end of the Jewish domination in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a State. We are chosen by Destiny to be the witnesses of a catastrophe, which will afford the strongest confirmation of the nationalist theory of race.

Destiny, really Adolf? This looked more like a boxing match between artificial ideologies created decades earlier, with Hitler and Stalin wearing the gloves, accompanied by Karl Ritter in one corner and Karl Marx in the other, holding the spit-buckets.

A twist in history

Thing is, Hitler had been vastly funded by American banks and industries to pressure the Rothschild to share their hegemony on the world, which was confirmed in Bretton-Woods in 1944, where the US dollar replaced the English pound as the world reserve currency. In other words, the American Empire replaced the British Empire to lead the New World Order, but it was the same banking scheme, just a different set of owners.

Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Josef Stalin at the Yalta Conference in 1945. Source: US Library of Congress/wikipedia.org

In Yalta, Stalin and Roosevelt effectively divided the world in two ideologies for their masters, while Churchill was wondering what had bloody happened, since the other two seem to have a lot of fun together. That left him with ample time to think about his next historical quote for posterity.

After WW2, NATO and the CIA were created to counter the lurking Red Menace. Soviet citizens were depicted everywhere like cold-blooded killing robots, as if they were something else than ordinary folks making a living for their kids and having fun on the weekend. The whole planet got in the Cold War, providing great tension zones such as Eastern Europe and Southern Asia, justifying insane military funding and the industrial production of nukes. Wars could be waged without any objective, just for the sheer pleasure of making big money to the profit of bankers and military industrialists; on both sides of the Iron Curtain, I should add.

Perpetual wars

The case of the Korean War is sad and appalling. The UN conducted the aggression on North Korea as soon as 1950, because neither China nor USSR vetoed the attack at the Security Council. There are a few reasons that were given for this, but none as likely as the existence of Bigfoot.

General MacArthur quickly pushed back the North Koreans all the way to the Chinese frontier and only had to blow up the bridges on Yalou River to break any hopes of reinforcement from China, when he got a call from CFR member General Marshall, whom ordered him to leave the bridges untouched. A Chinese army crossed them, the communists pushed the UN troops back to the middle of the country, MacArthur resigned, and they settled for a tie. After a couple of years of bombing and 3 million dead Koreans later, the separation line was put back in its original place on the 38th parallel, but if we look at the bright side, banks and military industries had made an impressive bundle ending with 9 zeros, and we owed it to them, with interests.

Military Trucks Crossing the 38th Parallel in Korea
United Nations forces cross the 38th parallel while withdrawing from Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, 1950

Then there was Vietnam. And then Afghanistan. Fighting communism was the motto for perpetual purposeless wars. We cannot have any serious analysis about the 75-year Cold War, without taking account of how and why the communist movement was created. This manipulation ended with the fall of USSR in 1991, which was immediately replaced by the fear of Islamism, ignited that very same year with the Gulf War in Iraq. Since history repeats itself over and over, what happened in Korea solves the mystery of why George Bush Sr didn’t go all the way to Saddam.

What used to be communism vs. capitalism is now Islam vs. Christianity. If we listen to medias, every Muslim is a potential jihadist that wants to impose the sharia law on us, as if they were something else than ordinary folks that make a living for their kids and have fun on the weekend. We’re stuck in a carbon-copy replica of the Cold War that scared the world for three-quarters of a century.


The sad reality appears to be that politics and ideologies are nothing more than bullcrap created to polarize opinions and divide the population, while central bankers don’t give a hoot if a country is run by democrats, communists, fascists, Nazis, dictators, socialists, green parties, a king or even plumbers, as long as the government maintains the plutocracy that enslaves the population through debt, that plunders our natural resources, and fully controls our economy through their money creation monopole.

Dividing the population prevents it from uniting against our real common enemy, who gives the true meaning to «Divide and conquer». For example, independence movements are perfect to polarize opinions and split people apart, and once a nation becomes independent, it is from the neighbor who’s stuck in the same crappy plutocracy as yours, not from bankers who will keep looting your money and profit from your resources. Think about it next time you argue with your brother-in-law about politics, when you praise your party that is so much better than his. Think about it when you vote.

If we got rid of private banking in public affairs, and governments issued all currencies, unbearable peace and prosperity would roam the earth. Today, a few men are fighting this deeply corrupted world financial system: Putin was the first and main one by helping President Assad to keep Syria free from international banks, then came Xi and Trump. Now you know what Donald means by «giving back the country to the people»! He’s openly fighting the Federal Reserve, talks about the nationalization of this private institution, and he’s been the most efficient politician ever to convince the people on the constant media lying, the base of our general ignorance.

Missile test
US Department of Defence conducted a flight test of a conventionally configured ground-launched cruise missile at San Nicolas Island on August 19, 2019, less than 3 weeks after the U.S. officially abandoned the INF Treaty.

But neither mainstream medias, nor official history books ever talked about the grand scheme, and that makes me a «conspiracy theorist» to most. Even independent journalists and analysts rarely mention banks by fear of the conspiracy theory curse, a label that was created by the CIA in 1967 to ridicule those who disputed the Warren Commission conclusion on JFK’s murder, by the same agency. Conspiracy theories now apply on everything that mainstream medias can’t justify with lies that appear to make some sense and are not too obvious.

If you do a quick check on Wikipedia, Carroll Quigley, Guy William Carr, General Smedley Butler and Anthony Sutton are all described as conspiracy theorists today, because they all decided to use their access to extremely serious files and secrets for the benefit of the people through a denunciation of international banks as the source of every war, and the conspiracy curse is the last desperate attempt to discredit them. The CIA technique works on those whose minds are still programmed by mainstream medias, though more and more people now understand that these amazing analysts and genuine humanists weren’t some dumb lunatics, but were simply describing a reality that many of us find difficult to accept.

So, I’m sorry, forget what I said, nothing wrong happened. Just keep working, whistle and look away as you’re being robbed, carpet-bombed, spied-on or sent to war, as you’re being told what you can or can’t do with your life, when you vote or argue with someone who’s trying to explain, like you’ve done all of your life, and like your great-grandfather also did.

But at least, your old man didn’t know.

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Having worked as a television documentaries director for over a quarter of a century, but also as a journalist -both for Western medias and alternative medias such as RT-France- Sylvain is in a unique position to understand the heavy line separating reality and propaganda, that splits lies from truth. Tired of being redacted by different interests and agendas, he chose to leave journalism behind to keep an open eye on the world. Now, his analyses are totally free and independent, with a maximum objectivity as he can manage. His interest in wars and general history was ignited many years before his studies at the University of Montreal and has been a life-long research topic. With his awakening about disinformation and fake news in 2015 came the realization that official history has perhaps been twisted even more than our daily information. This now needs to be corrected. He refuses to name it revisionism, for revisionists are those who have twisted facts and reality over the years.
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